"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire!" - Anonymous  

"When we do what we can, God will do what we can't!" Patti Labelle

"If we want something we have never had, we must do something we have never done." - Fairest Hill

"When I'm looking for YES, no is not an option." - A. Faye Boykin

A great speaker will make your next event a huge hit!  A. Faye Boykin is an electrifying motivational speaker known to take you through some thought provoking hoops!  Les Brown, the world’s leading motivational speaker and one of her speech mentors, calls her speaking, “simply great!”  Others have termed her an outlandish marketing genius, a world class speaker, best-selling author, and a speaking industry icon that influences and aids thousands in their speaking careers.


Ms. Boykin is a best-selling author of one book, with four others to her credit.  She is the author of what many call the ‘people’s “REAL” guide’ to overcoming, instead of succumbing in, Been Through the Fire But Didn’t Get Burned 100%!  Autographed copies of books are available for purchase online and after each spectacular event!  


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One 2009 pre-dawn morning during, one of me and my husband’s nightly pillow talks, seemingly a bright light bulb came on, and stayed on in my head!  I shared with him that I no longer deemed it necessary for me to just wait until the autumn season of the year to wear leather gloves.  For some time now, I had been twirling this creative glove design in my head. 


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 Meet speaker, Author, and glove designer A. Faye Boykin



GLoVe designer

Electrifying speaker, A. Faye Boykin has been given a myriad of descriptions relative to her speaking – spiritually truthful, radical, unorthodox, peculiar and a lunatic on the loose for Jesus! She is sold out, and even out of control for the man with the only lasting plan.  She is known to take you through some thought provoking hoops!


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A. FAYE Boykin