A. FAYE Boykin


Dynamic speaker & Virtuous woman 

Electrifying speaker, A. Faye Boykin has been given a myriad of descriptions relative to her speaking – spiritually truthful, radical, unorthodox, peculiar and a lunatic on the loose for Jesus! She is sold out, and even out of control for the man with the only lasting plan.  She is known to take you through some thought provoking hoops!  Her speaking has been known to make some move to-the-edge-of-their-couches!  Others try to hang on to her every word.  Les Brown, the world’s leading motivational speaker and one of her speech mentors, calls her speaking, “simply great!”  Others have termed her an outlandish marketing genius, a world class speaker, best-selling author, and a speaking industry icon that influences and aids thousands in their speaking careers. She is the author of what many call the ‘people’s “REAL” guide’ to overcoming, instead of succumbing in, Been Through the Fire But Didn’t Get Burned 100%!

Having survived domestic violence and the birth of a premature son, have given A. Faye an unexplainable determination, and an indomitable will.  This Salutatorian of Southern Normal High School uses her own life as a personal backdrop.  A. Faye is proud to have come from humble origins in Brewton, Alabama, and to be a third generation HBCU graduate.  Her husband is a three time HBCU graduate!  Daily she thanks God for mountain-moving faith. With an honors degree in social work from the renowned Tuskegee University, formerly known as Tuskegee Institute, experience from the school of hard knocks, prayers from her mother, grandmother, and a whole lot of others, and a supportive family, A. Faye’s testimony exemplifies, “One of A. Faye’s greatest mottos is “He who wants something he has never had, must do something he has never done.”  Dare to make it happen!

A. Faye has garnered her share of acclaim: Listed in the 2011 NAACP Salute WOW (Wonderful Outstanding Woman); 2011 Alabama Black Achievers Awards Entrepreneur nominee by the Oliver Robinson Foundation, Inc.; 2009-2010 Cambridge  Who’s Who;  2010 keynote presenter – Magic City Black Expo, Birmingham, AL; 2009 matinee emcee for the national production of the ‘Chocolate Nut Cracker’ Birmingham, AL; 2009 Missionary Ambassador to Nicaragua – Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church – Birmingham, AL; 2008 Unity Humanitarian Award presented by Wenonah High School, and 2007 Humanitarian award presented by Project Hopewell, Inc. She was Inducted into 2007 Toastmasters International Speakers Hall of Fame as a DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster), which is the highest award that can be attained by Toastmasters International; 2005 City of Birmingham Resolution, 2005 State of Alabama House of Representatives Resolution, 2004 Proclamation to the City of Elyria, Ohio; 2003 Sojourner Truth Award by the National Association of Negro Business & Professional Women’s Council, “Who’s Who In The World 2001″ by Marquis Publication, recipient Key to the City of Birmingham, Evergreen, & Fairfield, Alabama, President’s Outstanding Service Award presented by the Tuskegee National Alumni Association 9th Biennial Convention, Las Vegas, NV (August 2000),1999 Proclamation to the City of Mesquite, Texas, 1983 Outstanding Young Women of America, 1981 Who’s Who Among Colleges & Universities in America, and 1978 Who’s Who Among American High School Students.  

A. Faye is a Silver Star Life member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., where she was a presenter at the 62nd Boule’ in Detroit, MI; conference workshop presenter 2004 – Birmingham, AL.  

One of the most recently defining moments in the history of A. Faye’s life, thusly, is that she helms a foundation, Solutions, Inc, .Project Boot Camp- Extemporaneous Speaking Program (ESP). ESP is a program which offers enhancement and education by teaching supplemental reading, writing, and speaking skills, via the following curriculum:

Public Speaking – overcoming the # 1fear
The importance of reading and writing
Reading and writing techniques
Debating techniques
Drama techniques
Develop/articulate communication & leadership skills
Role playing participation

The program is designed for students to improve their reading, writing, communication/speaking, math, and leadership skills through an approach that will enhance their eager learning ability and provide the skills necessary to succeed in today’s workplace.
This quintessential woman is a contemporary activist, a playwright, an international motivational/inspirational speaker, a Foo Foo Collection ladies glove designer, and a best-selling author of one book, with four others to her credit.  

Ms. Boykin’s book titles include:

Been through the Fire But Didn’t Get Burned 100%
No Testimony without A Test (1999 Best-seller)
In Due Season…They That Wait Don’t Wait Too Late
Gold on Your Fingertips…Stop Sittin’ on Your Assets
HSO/HBO – Help A Sister Out/Help A Brother Out!  Can We Possibly Meet In The Middle?

A. Faye is known to be a woman of passion with purpose, perseverance, and spiritual prosperity.  She is very relatable, approachable, epic, and a serial entrepreneur. Seldom does anyone cross her path, leaving her presence the same way they arrived.  A. Faye is happily married to Eric A. Calhoun, J.D., and is the loving mother of one biological son, Joseph, and one bonus daughter Asha.

Autographed copies of books are available for purchase after each spectacular event!  Give the gift which changes lives – BOOKS!  Get hooked on BOOKS!  Reading is fun, but understanding is critical!  If you want to lead – read!  If you want to proceed – read!  For supplementary information, please visit www.afayeboykinspeaker.com.