Gold On Your Fingertips!  Stop Sittin’ On Your Assets!   

“If there is anyone of us standing tall on the shoulders of another, we have a reciprocal responsibility to live our lives so that others may stand tall on our shoulders” quid pro quo.  Generally speaking, each one of us is sittin’ on a gold mind!  Studies have proven that most of us only use 10% of our brain power on a daily basis.  So what happens to the remaining 90% of the gray matter?  “If we don’t use it-we lose it!” Fairest Hill says, “If we want something we have never had before, we must do something we have never done before!”  There is something that each one of us owns or is in our possession that can make us more profitable, more valuable, and more marketable!  It is of viable necessity that we dare not forget finance #101.  Anything that we owe is a liability.  Anything that we own is an asset.  We have been blessed to be stewards over our hands, our feet, our mouths, our minds, our smiles, our ears, our eyes, our spunk, and our destinies to some degree. Carefully guard your assets!  Everything that we need, God has already blessed us with!  In the words of William Ernest Henley, “I am the master of my fate:  I am the captain of my soul.”    Don’t delay!  Do it today!  Stop sittin’ on your assets waiting for somebody to do for you what you can, know, and do for yourself.  Ever thought about words like self-serve; self motivate?  It simply means you can do it YOURSELF!  “Give yourself to yourself before you give yourself away” says fellow author Susan Taylor.

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In Due Season They That Wait Don’t Wait Too Late!

Thought-provoking questions are raised to readers as compiled throughout the book’s worksheets such as:  When the good times are rolling, do you ever ask when are they going to cease?  When money is flowing like milk and honey, do you ever ask when is it going to stop flowing?  I don’t think so!  One of life’s most valuable lessons are taught throughout this book, “To everything there is a time and a season” based upon Ecclesiastes 3:1.  It is a constant reminder that nothing good is going to last forever! There will be lean and mean times just as there will be harvest times.  The inevitable will affect us all, and there is nothing we can do about it, except endure the process.  There are just some things we cannot change.  All we can do is accept – as painful as it hurts sometime.  Sickness will come.  Age will come.  The death angel will come knocking, and for sure, we may miss a lot of dates, but death is not a date that we will miss.  Financial ups and downs, disappointments, struggles, stresses, triumphs, and successes will come.  Lest we forget?  Stress stretches us. Struggles strengthen us.  (2nd reprint)

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No Testimony Without A Test (Got to go through it to get to it)

In this 1999 Bestseller readers realize very quickly the m. o. – modus operandi!  After the teaching comes the test, and after the test comes the testimony!  The game called life is a constant process. Most of us maintain three major cycles of life:  We are coming out of something, getting ready to go into something, or in the midst of something.  The essence of keeping the faith is what sustains us for life’s pop quizzes!  It was during the writing of this book A. Faye’s biological father succumbed to kidney failure after 20 years of being on dialysis.  A. Faye became discouraged, defiant, and even distant to God because she was angry that He had called “time up” on her daddy.  It was through this very testimony she taught others- misfortunes can be blessings in disguise!  One must be willing to go through to get to … (3rd reprint)

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Been Through The Fire But Didn’t Get Burned 100%

This author uses her own personal testimony as a triumphant backdrop for overcoming life’s disappointments such as an untimely divorce, a son born with major medical conditions and challenges which God is still transforming into a major miracle TODAY, and asundering true friends from false friends.  Thousands of readers have shared with this best-selling author how she “stir-fried” the fire in them to read again, upon sharing her poignantly written story.  This prolific and inspirational writer states, “There was an undeniable and indomitable will within that would not allow me to give up.”  This is a “must read” for any individual who believes they have lost the will to go on.

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Help A Sister Out/Help A Brother Out! Can We Meet in the Middle?
by Bestselling Author A. Faye Boykin & Eric A. Calhoun, J. D.

 When one of the nation's awesome twosome sat down to write their first book together, what better subject could there be than relationship itself? When you talk to one of them, the other one all but completes the sentence. "We are firm believers that there is nothing richer than rich relationships. There are standards to greatness in relationships. Not only do we work on building relationships, we work on fostering lasting relationships.  After all, lust is temporary, and love is permanent.  One of the objects in our relationship is to complete, not compete!

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Best- Selling Author A. Faye Boykin

A. FAYE Boykin