A. FAYE Boykin


Find out what people are saying...

World's Leading Motivational Speaker, Les Brown calls A. Faye's speaking, simply great!

Rochon Mason, " I was on the verge of giving up until I heard you speak!"

Ruby Lee "You go into another person when you begin to speak.  Mind-blowing"

Penni Menen "How could you become such an indescribable speaker, and your mama is deaf? Unexplainable!"

Bob Dickerson :"At times you have a night-mood, late night sultry, voice! Whew

Linda Gray "Makes you feel like pouring out your soul"

Glenda Wade Brown "Your speaking is just amazing.  I would put you up against the best of them."

There is wealthy, and there is poor.  But, there is nothing...

richer than rich relationships!

~A. Faye Boykin 

"Move Or Die"

"WIN $ Day"

"In It 2 Win It"

"Help A Sister Out/Help A Brother Out! Can We Possibly Meet In The Middle?" (Book Title)

"Gold On Your Fingertips! Stop Sittin' On Your Assets" (Book Title)

"Been Through The Fire, But Didn't Get Burned 100% (Book Title)

 "No Testimony Without A Test (Best seller)

 "Trace, Trust, & Triumph"

Types of Events:

Women's & Men's Conferences

Colleges & Universities

 Women's Feel Good Forums & Buzz Session

 Company Retreats

 Church & Family Reunions


Invite A. Faye Boykin to Speak at Your Next Event

Church & Organization Empowerment & Enrichment Sessions

One Woman Performance of Sojourner Truth's Ain't I A Woman

 African American Heritage History Speaker

 Women's History Month Speaker

 Women's Day Speaker

*Time is based upon requested time from individual, agency, entity, or organization.

Speaking Topics Include but are not limited to the following:

"Everybody Has One~ Even If's A Little One (B.S.) Belief System"

 "Overcome Rather Than Succumb"

 "Queen of Self Esteem with A New Dream"

 "Whatever The Cost Put A Scheme To Your Own Dream"

 "God Wins!  I Give"

 "Can't Lose With Who I Use ~ J. C."

"Take the L out of Lover, Then It's Over"

 "No Matter What! Gonna See It Through"