*Gloves - $38.99 single pair 

                 (Includes shipping)


*Foo Foo Collection fashion Gloves are available in 27 affordable, fabulous colors, and can be worn year round.

Colors Offered:

(1) Sunday-Go-To Meetin’ Elegant Black

(2)  Navy Blue

(3)  Chocolate-Expresso

(4)  Scarlet Red

(5)  Virgin White

(6)  Platinum

The cost for all orders of one dozen or more pairs of gloves is $25.00 each plus tax. Please contact us to request your amount of gloves, your colors, and to request an invoice to pay for your order (price does not include shipping).

*On all single pair glove orders, $38.99 each (includes shipping only), plus tax, please contact us to order your single color.


(7)    Bisque

(8)  Olde Gold

(9)  Ivory

(10)  Pink Azalea

(11) Baby Pink

(12)  Egg Plant

(13)  Sunshine


A. FAYE Boykin


(14)  Evergreen

(15)  Royal Blue

(16)  Baby Blue

(17)  Emerald Green

(18)  Carrot

(19)  Split Pea

(20)  Precious Lilac


(21)  Neon Green

(22)  Bubble Gum

(23)  Turquoise

(24)  Aqua

(25)  Maroon

(26)  Soft Sage

(27) Assortment of contrasting colors i. e. pink/green; black/white; azalea/black.